Prince Motors goes above and above what you’d expect from a typical auto repair shop. We not only provide all of the basic maintenance services, but we also go above and above. Our ASE-certified specialists inspect your car thoroughly and even provide same-day service. Our services are guaranteed in writing and warrantied, and only the job you authorise will be completed. Prince Motors is the best choice for all of your vehicle’s needs because of its competitive pricing, qualified technicians, and through service.


With our ac checkup package, you can make sure your car's air conditioning is ready for the summer. Our AC maintenance includes a full evaluation of your vehicle's air conditioning components, as well as compressor oil and gas top-ups.


Before summer approaches, have your car's air conditioning serviced. Our AC servicing keeps your air conditioner in good working order so you don't have to worry about the summer heat. Gas refilling, cooling coil replacement, and other services are included in AC service.


We also offer customised aircon repairs for your vehicle. At Prince Motors, we supply everything from compressor replacement to cooling coil and evaporator replacement at the most competitive pricing in the industry.


The air conditioner in a car generally converts heated air into cooler air by eliminating any heat and moisture. The high-pressure side of the air conditioning system is controlled by the compressor, which constricts refrigerant and forces it into a high-pressure state, causing it to liquefy.

The refrigerant then goes to the condenser through high-pressure lines, where it is exposed to fresh air from outside the car and absorbs heat from the liquid.

The liquid then goes into the orifice tube/expansion valve, where it is changed into a gas and introduced to the low-pressure side of the A/C system, where it is removed or collected by the accumulator or receiver dryer.

The clean refrigerant gas then goes through tubing into the evaporator, where it absorbs heat from the air passing through the fins of the evaporator to produce cool air. The colder air is forced into the cabin through the vehicle’s vents by fans. The refrigerant then returns to the compressor, where it is re-gasified to begin the process all over again.
Prince Motors is largest car service station in Kanpur we are dealing in Sales & service last 19 years we have rich experience in servicing of all compact and hatchback cares we provide value for the customers.

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