Prince Motors goes above and above what you’d expect from a typical auto repair shop. We not only provide all of the basic maintenance services, but we also go above and above. Our ASE-certified specialists inspect your car thoroughly and even provide same-day service. Our services are guaranteed in writing and warrantied, and only the job you authorise will be completed. Prince Motors is the best choice for all of your vehicle’s needs because of its competitive pricing, qualified technicians, and through service.


The premature wear and tear of tyres is caused by a misaligned wheel. To keep your tyres in good shape and get the most out of your car's tyres. For wheel alignment, go to a Prince Motors service station.


A car with out of balance wheels vibrates at high speeds. As a result, your car's performance will suffer. To get your wheels balanced and ensure optimum performance, use our wheel balancing package.


Tyre rotation helps to reduce uneven wear. It will make your ride more comfortable and safer to handle. Tyre rotations help your tyres last longer, saving you time and money in the long run.


A car’s suspension system consists of numerous components that work together to support the vehicle and turn the wheels. Alignment refers to the geometry of the suspension system, which ensures that all wheels rotate in the same direction and at the same speed. Any difference in the geometry can affect the vehicle’s suspension, thus perfection is essential. Vehicles with faulty suspension or out of alignment may have a bad ride quality, trouble braking, reduced fuel efficiency, and faster tyre wear.

The angles of camber, caster, and toe are computed during the alignment procedure.

Camber:  The angle at which the wheel and tyre stand in reference to the road is known as camber. To mitigate the pressures of cornering, camber is frequently positioned with a small slope rather than being totally perpendicular.

Caster: The angle at which the steering axis and suspension components meet the wheel from top to bottom. The caster setting guarantees that your car travels in a straight line by providing directional stability and returnability after a turn.

Toe: The difference in distance between the front and rear tyres from side to side.


A technician doing a wheel alignment service will use an alignment machine to measure the camber, caster, and toe of the vehicle’s existing alignment. The equipment monitors the position of each wheel and compares it to the suspension standards of the car manufacturer, providing information on how the vehicle should be changed to achieve proper alignment.

For Camber: The camber is positive if the top of the wheel slants out from the centre of the automobile. The camber is negative if it is slanting inward. Out-of-adjusted camber causes wear on one side of the tyre.

For Caster: Caster is positive if the top of the steering axis is pointing toward the rear of the vehicle. It’s negative if it’s tilting towards the front. Straight line tracking can be caused by caster. The vehicle will draw to the side of the less positive caster if the caster is different from side to side. If the caster is too negative, the steering wheel will have “play,” and the car may wander, making driving in a straight line impossible. If the caster is set too high, steering becomes more difficult.

For Toe: Toe- Toe-in refers to how near the front tyres are to each other compared to the rear tyres. Toe-out is the polar opposite of toe-in. An inaccurate toe-in causes equal wear on both tyres. There is too much toe-in if the sharp edges of the tread are pointing to the centre of the vehicle, often known as a saw-tooth pattern. There is too much toe-out if the treads point to the outside of the vehicle. Most cars have adjustable suspension on the front wheels (front-wheel drive) while other vehicles have adjustable suspension on the rear wheels (rear-wheel drive) (rear wheel and all-wheel drive).

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